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A token presale generally serves two purposes: crowdfunding to see through the completion of the project and marketing your crypto project before the public launch. And you should keep in mind that a successful token presale is always the catalyst needed for the successful public launch

Poorly managing a crypto presale could most certainly jeopardize your project’s future, and you must be prepared. That’s why we’ll discuss how to attract interest for your token throughout this guide.

What is a Crypto Token Presale?

Token presale is the first offering of a project’s tokens to investors before the project is fully completed. They serve as crowdfunding vehicles for developers to get the much-needed funds to see the project to completion.

They help devs to spread the word about their upcoming blockchain project and attract more attention from an overall marketing perspective. Think of a token presale as a pre-IDO or pre-IEO offering designed to set the stage for the fully-fledged IDO or IEO.

Crypto Token Presale Checklist

Look no further as we list 5 things you need before launching a crypto presale.


You want a nice clean website with all your coin information on it.
Don’t be cheap.

If you want to be taken seriously, this is the first thing any coin investor will look at to decide whether to take you seriously or not.
If you can’t invest in a good website, what does that say about your project?


Make sure your white paper is clean, easy to read, and has all the information about your project. This should include your team & their expertise, tokenomics, token vesting schedule and future plans.

This will be the first point of reference for investors who want more information so make sure you have everything included.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Think of a minimum viable product as a proof of concept for your crypto project. It’s a project with sufficient features to show your early investors that their funds will be put to good use. Generally, the crypto community doesn’t expect your project to be fully fledged when you go on a token presale. After all, you’re raising funds to see through the completion of the project.

Active community

It’s no secret that crypto projects tend to be judged by the size and how active their community so you need to build a community before you even think about doing any heavy lifting marketing-wise.
Being open, transparent, and communicative with your community will turn them into enthusiastic investors who will help market for you in terms of memes and evangelism.
If you are an active member of other communities, you can use your reputation to attract presale investors without having to do major outreach.

Contract Audit

Nothing attracts investors’ interest more than a fully audited crypto project with a clean bill of health. If you want your token presale to be taken seriously and attract big money investors, consider a full audit from reputable blockchain auditors. This should be the first step before you consider listing on token presale calendars or partnering with launchpads. Sharing the audit report tells the world that your contract is safe from potential vulnerabilities and exploits.

Token Presale Marketing Strategy

Once you’re through the token presale checklist, here are some of the best marketing strategies.

Token Sales Calendars

The ideal way to directly get eyeballs on your project is to list your upcoming token sale on token sale calendars. This is also one of the most direct methods of reaching out to interested investors since no one really checks out token sale calendars unless they’re interested in initial token offerings.

Just to name a few token sales calendars:


Collaborating with Reputable Launchpads

Getting hosted on a launchpad often gives investors additional confidence since most reputable launchpads conduct thorough due diligence before you’re listed. Finding a reputable launchpad should be relatively easy since most top crypto exchanges have their own launchpads. And you can list on multiple launchpads to maximize your exposure.

Collaborating with launchpads makes the entire token presale a seamless process. They usually have a community of investors ready to pounce on promising projects and always play an active role in the marketing process.

Some even have incubator programs where they invest in your project and ready it for the market. You should consider applying to such programs and benefit from the additional hands-on marketing support.

Social, Content, and Influencer Marketing

Goes without saying that content is king in the digital age. A blockchain marketing campaign is the simplest way to build up the credibility and authority of your token sale. Video marketing is one of the easiest ways to consume content — not much effort is needed from the user.

Content marketing helps you engage with the community, and with search engine optimization — you avoid disappearing into oblivion. The best option is to produce blog posts on product announcements, shoot press releases, and educational content regarding your project and the industry.

Admittedly, not every potential investor has the technical know-how to pour through pages of a whitepaper; this is where animated video explainers excel. Video marketing lets you describe the project in-depth with “how to” guides and explain how to participate in the token presale. Ideally, you should partner with the best crypto YouTube channels for your video marketing strategy.

And since you can never have too much help when it comes to marketing your token presale, you should onboard crypto social media influencers to help spread the word about your token presale. Don’t just stop there, go a step further and partner with some of the most reputable key opinion leaders (KOLs) within the crypto industry to back your project.

The goal here is to be consistent.

PR Outreach

PR marketing is perhaps one of the best marketing strategies for community outreach. It’s an ongoing concerted effort throughout the token sale cycle. Token presale PR outreach could take the form of regular AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) sessions with the community, setting up challenges, contests, and giveaways, running ads, and partnering with top websites to share product updates. Email marketing is also an invaluable aspect of PR outreach. There’s no better way to reach potential investors than by knocking right in their inbox.

You can run joint AMA sessions on some of the best crypto podcasts as a PR strategy to introduce you to their community. It’s ideal to plan a coordinated marketing strategy in advance, probably months before you launch your presale. This gives you enough time to grow and engage with your online community, which will help you shape your marketing message.

Ideally, partnering with crypto PR agencies is prudent to help you with PR outreach and content marketing.


Conducting a token sale is a serious task. As we mentioned, botching a token presale could most certainly jeopardize your project’s future. As detailed throughout this guide, a successful token presale is a concerted effort involving several individuals and organizations and must be carefully planned. This is why your project could benefit from the professional expertise of crypto marketing agencies to attract interest in your token presale.

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